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For more information about the Reopening Sports opportunities, please email or visit the VHealth Passport site,

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  • COVID-19 Rapid Testing

  • COVID-19 Integrity Digital Medical Passport

  • Disinfection Security Gates 

  • Fever and Body Temperature Scanners

  • Face Mask Integrity Scanners

  • Nasal Screens w/96% Filtering Capacity

Only a few month ago, live sports without fans would have seemed unfathomable.


Now, amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, mass gatherings represent enormous public health risks, and the idea of thousands of people crammed into a stadium or arena feels insane, or at best, extremely challenging.


We have been stripped of our way of life and led to believe that spectator sports will never be the same again. We have gotten used to rapidly evolving COVID-19 rules, restrictions and guidance. Phrases such as “gathering limitations” and “social distancing” are something we have all painfully endured during the past 4 months.


It is time we stop living in fear. It is time, with the help of the VHealth Advanced Entry System, for sports to reopen and for fans of all ages to return to the games. Through the coordinated efforts of #REOPEN INITIATIVE and under the protective shield of VHealth Passport, fans across the world will soon have a safe and responsible pathway back to the games.

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Built to combat the spread of COVID-19, the VHealth Passport is a security and medical logistics application, built specifically to offer protective measures to large crowds gathering during a pandemic like we have now.


Further through this powerful system, we will establish the new world standard for health safety, founded on the principles of health, safety and sustainability - the platform utilizes a series of strategic safety measures in every day life, that when combined, provide a level of health protection that is unmatched.


In addition, the innovative data registry provides governments and research communities with vital Information that can be used in developing further protective measures, while at the same time the entire integrated platform is GDPR and HIPAA compliant.