sports facility development

plan, builds and operate first-class sports and lifestyle complexes facilitating education, wellness, culture and entertainment

sports education

the spearhead in our masterplan concepts, offering a wide range of sports education programs for athletes, coaches and management

sports technology

promoting development of future-oriented technology, making a strategic commitment to public and private sectors

sports tourism

partnering with globally recognized brand and providers, with the aim to deliver the highest level of life experiences

sports entertainment

driving an enlightening perspective and vantage point on the future of sports media and entertainment


The world is moving so fast, and we are moving towards advancement really quickly. Individuals are moving more towards advancement, and those who possess passion about sports can go beyond any limit. At VR Sport we aim to provide consciously and mixed up developments that combine together three or more sustainable uses in the field, such as residential, hotels, retail, parking, transportation, cultural, sports- and entertainment into one liveable and supporting the community.

VR Sports Group is a unique Sports infrastructure concept, management and technology provider that focuses on harvesting strategic partnerships with leading international sports brands, teams, associations and sports service providers to create and operate a leading sports environment.

Based on the company's vision of using the worlds accumulated passion of sports as fuel, every project delivered has the goal of becoming an iconic development that is making a positive impact on people's life in a holistic view.


The passion for sports is unparalleled. Sports make up a global language understood across religions, creeds, and races - the simplest form of expression, displaying the tenacity and persistence of the human spirit. Moreover, sports play a significant role in the transformation of communities, societies and is globally identified as a catalyst for economic development and a separate sector to be administered in various economies.

The future of sports, and its impact on society, will be shaped by  an array of factors, both within and beyond the control of  stakeholders. Advances in technology will continue to create paradigm shifts in the provision and value of experiences.  Leadership also matters – the ability to mobilize around new models and policies that may serve the common good.

As technology reshapes the sports universe, expectations and experiences are improved and enhanced. The sports stadium of the future will be more accessible and seamlessly integrated into surrounding transport infrastructure, resulting in increasingly frictionless travel to and from the venue, advanced technologies, and automated systems will improve overall efficiency, enhance security and maximize profitability.

It's about the atmosphere, its culinary options, and its overall fan  experience. It is about offering something distinctly unique. The mission for VR Sports Group is to create sports business models for our partners that incorporates philanthropy and the social economy and form a pillar of holistic growth for the local community and the humans at whole.


VR Sports Group is a multidisciplinary partner in investment, innovation, construction and operating of sports facilities, where the company's core team consists of seasoned construction, finance, real estate and tech professionals.

The Principal owner of VR Sports Group is the US East Coast based company the Boston Capital Group (TBCG),  a property owner, developer and lessor of mixed-use – diversified real-estate projects - supported through Citizenship-by-investment and social economic investor VISA programs.